FastMail features

We've tried to summarise all the main features of FastMail below. Not all service levels have access to all features. We recommend you check the pricing table to see if a particular feature is available at your service level.

Access messages

FastMail provides a number of ways to access your email. Whether you're at home, at the office, or at an internet kiosk, FastMail allows you to view, send, and reply to messages, as well as publish files, to your domain with easy and understandable access solutions.

Receive messages

FastMail can provide a number of aliases for you to receive email, and domains to make your correspondence more professional and memorable. Powerful filters can help keep out unwanted mail and organise your messages with ease.

Filter spam

We've spent a great deal of time making sure our spam filtering is world-class. Working from industry standards and utilising protective measure for small, large, internal, and external spamming techniques, FastMail provides the best spam filtering available on the web.

Our advanced broad-spectrum spam filters sift out useless and potentially dangerous messages. We use techniques to detect, block and destroy spam- and virus-emitting bots. A system of smart and constantly updated greylists stop spambots without delaying legitimate email. And, we reference a high-quality DNS-based blackhole list to flag and reject messages from known spammers.

We protect your inbox from backscatter, preventing unsolicited bulk emails from reaching you. We analyze message headers and make sure your incoming mail is from trusted parties. Our servers parse incoming message to detect common forms of spam and links to known spam sites.

Your personal spam filters can be trained, and get better at identifying and rejecting spam over time.

Block viruses

Nigerian princes, long-lost relatives, and all sorts of other trojan horses are no match for FastMail's advanced virus filters. FastMail constantly finds and keeps up-to-date with the latest threats on the web, giving you the confidence to open mail without worrying about malware of fraudulent material.

Our spambot detection and filtering means that >90% of virus threats never even enter our system in the first place. We support a product with the fastest response time to new threats of any and all virus protectors.

Don't fall for the claims of anti-virus software vendors. They specialise in anti-virus software running on Windows machines, not in detecting viruses in emails.

Organise your contacts

FastMail organises your contacts, and can recall them with only a few clues from you. The service supports a number of importing options to allow you upload contact information from your home and work devices.

Check your mail from any browser

You can easily access your email from any computer or phone that has an internet connection. Our webmail interface is designed for speed and usability on all devices of any screen size.