Company information

FastMail was started by Rob Mueller and Jeremy Howard in 1999. We are an employee-owned, independent company located in Melbourne, Australia with servers at New York Internet in the USA and at Thor Data Centre in Iceland.


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FastMail Pty Ltd,
Level 1, 91 William St
VIC 3000
+61 2 9475 0859
Please note, we do not provide customer or sales support over the phone. Please contact our support team using our ticket system or the email above.
USA: (917) 591-3008
International: +61 2 9475 0859

Why "FastMail"?

We wanted a name that represents what we are all about: providing the fastest email service around. FastMail means more than that though, as we try endlessly to create a powerful and pleasing email experience.

Why ".fm"?

The .fm was a natural choice, easily remembered as the initials of FastMail. Also, was already taken.

For those who are interested, .fm is the top level domain of the Federated Republic of Micronesia, a federation of 4 states comprising more than 600 islands in the Pacific.