FastMail login shortcut generator

Fill in your FM email address and password below. (The data is hashed and encoded locally with Javascript on your own CPU, it's not sent across the network in anyway).

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Shortcut URL to directly login to your account

You can copy the URL below to create bookmark which will directly log you into your account.


Alternatively, you can just drag this link to your browsers links bar to create the shortcut.

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Your password is quite visible in the URL. This URL is useful if you trust that no one else has access to your machine and are quite happy to have a link sitting somewhere that will log you straight into your account. If someone happens to get hold of this link by accident, you can stop them using it simply by changing your password.

Shortcut URL with hashed password

No longer available

We have switched to using a "salted" hash of the password internally - this means that it is not possible to generate a completely client-side copy that can be compared to the server's copy. At the very least, access to the salt is required.

Accordingly, we have disabled this option, but you can still generate a shortcut URL with hashed password by logging in to the web interface, and going to the Options => Alternative Logins screen, and then clicking on the button "Quick-Login Links"

HTML entity encoded mailto link


This is just a simple obfuscation technique to hide the email address from many spiders.