Using FastMail with Windows Live Mail (Windows 7)

What you need to know

Windows Live Mail is part of Windows Live Essentials, which can be downloaded from Microsoft.
Windows Live Mail can easily be configured to utilize the folder features that are part of FastMail.

Incoming/Outgoing Server Setup

  1. First Time Startup
    If you have never utilized Windows Live Mail before, you will be presented with the New Account window. Proceed to Step 2.
    If you already have Windows Live Mail setup for other email accounts, use the menu and choose Accounts, and click the +Email button to add an account.

  2. Add Account
    The first page of the Add Account wizard appears. Enter your email address and password. Enter your name and click Next.

    The final page appears, choose IMAP as the connection type.
      For the incoming and outgoing server addresses, enter:
      Be sure to click the Checkbox for Incoming server and Outgoing server requires a secure connection.
      Be sure to click the Checkbox for Outgoing server requires authentication.
      Make sure the Incoming server port is 993
      Change the Outgoing server port to 587
      Make sure your username is in the form of
      Click Next to go to the final page.

    Click Finish to create the account.

  3. Configure IMAP Folders
    Your new email account will appear in the account list.
    Highlight your new account and click the IMAP Folders button.

    A list of all folders will appear.

    Folders with an icon next to them will be shown in Windows Live Mail.
    Double-click any folder you wish to show. We recommend showing all.
    If you have recently added folders you wish to display, click reset list before performing the above.

  4. Account Configuration Complete
    At this point, Windows Mail should show a list of Folders under your account name.
    The list should look somewhat similar to the image below.

Last modified on: Tue Feb 14 18:00:00 UTC 2012